Project Diary: Mihok Systems 1

Project Diary: Mihok Systems 1

A couple friends of mine got me thinking about starting a Startup/Developer/Project Diary about a project that I've been working on the side. So shout out to @MackieDrew and @agmcleod for pushing me to write about this.

Mihok Systems is a mom & pop (read: me by myself; small) prototyping and hacking electronics store. Specializing in Raspberry Pi's and our flagship product, ODroid boards. Along with those two boards, breakout boards, and other related products.

Mihok Systems is really just online store, there is no physical store or warehouse (well unless you count my bedroom closet as a warehouse.) The store is run/hosted by Shopify which is an amazing e-commerce solution for creating an online store. They basically provide everything you need to run a store, including a pretty powerful theme engine that lets you build almost every part of your store with Liquid templates.

So in total, to create your own e-commerce business all you need, really, is:

  • A domain (I use NameCheap) - ~$20.00 CAD/year*
  • Shopify Basic Plant - $352.56 USD/year**
  • G Suite (Formally Google Apps for Work/Domain, to use Gmail for your email) - $72.00 CAD/year ($6.00 CAD/month)

t There are other charges involved with Shopify, particularily the costs per transaction (read: costs per sale.) More information here

** Domain pricing varies based on what you're buying (aka how popular the term is)
*** I'm not entirely sure why they charge me in USD vs CAD but I'm trying to be as accurate as possible

Roughly (depending exchange rate) $550.00/year. Which is not bad at all considering you could be making quite a bit of money from the products you sell. There are also other things to consider, which I'll get into in future entries, that can have additional costs for things like Branding Design, Incorporation (I went for Sole-proprietorship), and Marketing.

Next time though, I'm going to get into how I built a client-side only React app (really just a component that my theme revolves around) using Shopify's Liquid template theme engine.

Matthew Mihok

Matthew Mihok

Systems architect. Founder of @mihoksystems, Managing Director of @torontojs. Staff infrastructure engineer at @wealthsimple

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