Remote Work Locations, Apt 200 via Haven

Remote Work Locations, Apt 200 via Haven

I'm a firm believer in productivity being massively impacted by your work environment, the culture around where you work, and the stuff your actually doing while you work. There are numerous factors that go into a good work environment. So I'll be attempting to do a series on great remote work locations (hopefully around the world.)

Today we'll be starting with my hometown, Toronto.

Toronto has become one of the best Tech Startup epicenters of Canada, if not all of North America. One of the latest and personally most interesting startups from Toronto is a workspace startup called Haven (which they're in the process of rebranding from RNDMWRK.) Created out of the need to get work done and not wanting to be at home to do it. David King, the founder and former event coordinator, used his connections within the community to gain access to some of the most interesting spaces within the city. The concept is simple, provide working space for teams and individuals by making use of rad underutilized venues.

Bars and Restaurants are not usually considered spaces where you would imagine pulling out your laptop and getting some work done. As I sit here typing up this article, several people have just walked into Apt 200 on a sunny Sunday morning. The venue Apt 200 as blogTO puts it:

is the newest edition to the residence-inspired lounge-meets-club trend in Toronto. Occupying the space where Wicked used to be, it's the Hogtown version of the wildly successful Montreal club with the same name.

The space is gorgeous, there is ample room for 20-30 people to sit with table space to work at. Beyond that, there are couch areas, a large TV to do presentations on, a pool table and even a couple arcade machines to play. The high speed internet is great considering some of the dismal coffee shop and convention spaces I've had to deal with in the past. Free coffee and tea is also a huge bonus. On top of all that, security, so you dont have to pack up everytime you want to go to the washroom or get some fresh air.

Personally, I use remote work locations to work on side projects or to just get out of the house/office for a while. Coffee shops tend to be too busy and libraries are too quiet. Haven provides the perfect combination of interesting, joyful, quiet but not library quiet spaces to work at!

Oh and they have lots of parking too ;)

Apt 200, 1034 Queen Street West, Toronto Onatrio

Matthew Mihok

Matthew Mihok

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