Remote Work Locations, Murmur Coffee Kyoto

Remote Work Locations, Murmur Coffee Kyoto

I'm a firm believer in productivity being massively impacted by your work environment, the culture around where you work, and the stuff your actually doing while you work. There are numerous factors that go into a good work environment. So I'll be attempting to do a series on great remote work locations (hopefully around the world.)

Coffee n code

Today marks the 3rd full day on my journey into Japan's western prefectures. I am about to head out of Kyoto towards Osaka. Before I go I had to write up a quick post on a gem in Shimogyō-ku ward, Murmur Coffee Kyoto.

I came across this place completely by accident as I was walking around the picturesque city. It sits along a canal that branches off of Kamo River.

The english speaking music signalled to me that they were friendly to foreigners like myself and the staff was incredibly nice as I fumbled around trying to practice my Japanese. The coffee was great and cost the equivilant of $4.50. A bit on the pricey end of things but definitely not the most expensive I've come across so far. The inside was beautiful and had huge doors opened towards the canal letting an amazing breeze come through.

Inside Murmur Coffee Kyoto

The wifi was not as fast as it is at home, but I was easily able to work away while checking emails and periodically asking for another cup of coffee.

Outside Murmur Coffee Kyoto looking at the quiet canal

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